Mississippi vs. Batiste

This is an old case now being aired on In Session. I was hesitant in even writing about it because it isn’t live but here it is anyway.

The Defendant: Bobby Batiste-

The Victim: Andreas Galanis-

– On the campus of Mississippi State University, spring break rolled around. The victim went to the bank and found that someone had been using his debit card for just over $4500. Galanis then found out that it was his roommate. The next day, after Galanis’ mother called the cops because she hadn’t heard from him, the police walked into the room and found Andreas in a pool of blood on the floor. The first suspect, Bobby Batiste because he was the only one in the apartment when the deputies arrived. I’ll spare you the gritty details, but the crime scene was horrific. Only a few short hours later Batiste gave a confession to the police which was alco videotaped. He faced a capital murder charge and a possibility of a death sentence. The defense’s goal was to try to convince the jury that while he did kill Galanis, he didn’t do it in the course of robbing him which would warrant the death sentence.

Batiste was further convicted and the prosecution proved that he did so while robbing Galanis and therefore he is eligible for the death penalty.

After only 3 hours of deliberation, a jury of 8 men and 4 women came back with a death sentence.