Arkansas vs. Jack Greene- Death Penalty

Jack Greene

Jack Greene was convicted of not only shooting his own brother Tommy Greene 5 times,  and kidnapping his niece, but also killing Sidney Burnett on July 23, 1991.

Jack Greene shot his brother, Turner “Tommy” Greene, stole his car and kidnapped his  16 year old niece. Before Tommy died, he identified Jack as his assailant. Immediately after shooting his brother, Jack left for Arkanasas where a couple days later, he invaded the Burnett home looking for Ms. Burnett. He found Mr. Burnett there and subsequently bound his hands and feet, attacked him with a can of hominy, tortured, and stabbed  Mr. Burnett twice. He then stole Mr. Burnett’s truck and ran to Oklahoma. He was later arrested and had the .25-caliber handgun that was used in both murders.

Jack Greene was tried and convicted of killing Sidney Burnett in 1992 and sentenced to death in Arkansas.

His current execution date is 11/9/17.

For the murder of his brother and kidnapping, he received a life sentence in North Carolina.

He has filed an appeal early Monday morning debating his fitness for execution. The petition states that “Multiple doctors have diagnosed Jack Gordon Greene with a severe mental illness-specifically, Delusional Disorder” (taken directly from the Emergency Petition).

The petition is still under consideration and will be updated as soon as there is more information.


State of Florida vs. Robert Eugene Hendrix- Death Warrant Case



Case Details:

– Robert Hendrix and Elmer Scott (his cousin) were involved in a residential burglary where Scott was then apprehended by authorities.

– Scott entered into a plea deal with the authorities that says while he was guilty of the crime, he pled guilty to burglary, he had to serve two years, and testify against Hendrix.

– Hendrix was then arrested and charged with armed burglary. There was a plea offered to Hendrix; 4 years prison and 5 years probation.

– Prior to the scheduled court date, Hendrix told friends that he wanted to kill Scott to keep him from testifying against him because he didn’t want to take the offered plea. Hendrix also mentioned to his girlfriend, Denise Turbyville, various plans to carry out his intention.

– Hendrix then found a throw away gun that wasn’t traceable back to him and constructed a silencer for it. He took a mask, hat and gloves with him to Scotts home. Denise Turbeyville was the driver. She heard several shots fired and Hendrix returned to the car.

– Hendrix told Denise that he shot Scott in the head used a knife to kill his wife Michelle by slitting her throat.  Hendrix further slashed  Scott’s throat with the knife as well.

– The police arrested Hendrix and was subsequently tried for his crimes. 

Count I:  Conspiracy to Commit Murder-30 years
Count II:  Conspiracy to Commit Murder-30 years
Count III:  First Degree Murder-Death                             
Count IV:  First Degree Murder-Death
Count V:  Armed burglary-Life
*Taken from: (*

Appeals Opinions can be read here:
1) April 21, 1994
2) July 7, 2005 – Corrected Opinion
3) 11th Circuit Appeal

His execution is scheduled for 4/23/14 at 6pm in Florida.

This page will be updated as information becomes available.



State of Florida vs. Robert Lavern Henry- Death Warrant Case

Quick Facts:

– November 1, 1987, police and firefighters respond to a 9:30 p.m. call about a fire at a Deerfield Beach fabric store where they discovered Phyllis Harris and Janet Thermidor, two of the store’s employees.

– Phyllis Harris was found tied up, deceased, in the mens restroom.

– Janet Thermidor was found in the women’s restroom, conscious, with severe burns on 90% of her body and a head wound. While at the hospital, she told an officer that she was hit over the head in the store offrice by Mr. Henry not only stole the store’s money but threw some liquid on her and set her on fire. She ran to the restroom to try to put out the fire. She later died.

– The police then arrested and questioned Mr. Henry who initially stated that he was kidnapped by three strangers who then robbed the store, but later, he made self-incriminating statements to the contrary.

11/18/87   Mr. Henry was indicted on:

–  Count I: First-Degree Murder
–  Count II: First-Degree Murder
–  Count III: Robbery with a Deadly Weapon
–  Count IV: Arson with a Deadly Weapon

09/29/88- Mr. Henry was found guilty on all counts

10/06/88- Was recommended Death for Count I by a vote of 8-4 and Count II by a vote of 9-3

11/09/88- Sentencing

– Count 1: First- Degree Murder- Death
– Count II: First-Degree Murder- Death
– Count III: Robbery with a Deadly Weapon- Life
– Count IV: Arson with a Deadly Weapon- Life

 Mr. Henry’s execution is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 20, 2014

This page will be updated!

Texas vs. Ray Jasper- Death Warrant Case- 3/19/14



3-19-14 ***UPDATE 2!***

Courts denied request for stay!

Opinion can be read in its entirety here


3-19-14      ***UPDATE***

The last appeal in this case was filed 4/26/12 arguing that:
1) Race based jury selection is unconstitutional and a potential juror at his trial was excluded improperly because he was black.
2) Jasper claims that he had insufficient legal help at his trial .
3) Texas death penalty is unconstitutional.

The court then rejected all the arguments.

His execution is scheduled for today and you can listen to Execution Watch live here on the Execution Watch home page today from 6pm-7pm CT.

Important Details:

– November 29, 1998- Ray Jasper and two other co-defendants caused the death of David Alejandro during an attempted robbery.
– The victim was a business partner and owner of a recording studio in San Antonio, Texas.
– Ray Jasper walked up to the victim from behind, grabbed his hair and slit his throat and then stabbed repeatedly to death. The victim was then covered in a black sheet.
– The defendants then loaded equipment from the studio into waiting vehicles and made several trips two and from the site.
– After Jasper was apprehended, he later confessed to planning the crime. His confession describes events in detail that were later corroborated and matched up with the physical evidence discovered by investigators.
– He was indicted for robbery related capital murder where he was found guilty.
– February 4, 2000, Jasper was sentenced to death.

– Most recent Habeas appeal was denied on 3/10/14 and can be read here.

On 3/4/14 Ray Jasper sent a letter to Gawker which has caused a lot of backlash to Gawker. It can be read in it’s entirety here.

“Family prepares for execution of son’s killer”- Can be read here, as you have to be a member of the original newspaper site to read it there.

“Brother of Ray Jasper’s Victim Shares his Story”here.

As always, this post will be updated with any last minute stay’s or appeals filed.



State of Florida vs. Paul Augustus Howell – Death Warrant Case

Quick Facts:

– Mr. Howell was involved in a drug ring in which Tammie Bailey (the would-be victim) could link Mr. Howell & his brother (Patrick) to a previous murder so she needed to be eliminated.

– Mr. Howell constructed a bomb that was placed in a microwave oven wrapped to look like a present. After hiring Lester Watson to deliver the “gift”, Mr. Watson was pulled over for speeding, in a car rented by Mr. Howell.  Watson provided a false name and date of birth because he didn’t have a valid drivers license. After the sheriff  ran a registration check, it came back that it was rented to Mr. Howell.

– The cops contacted Mr. Howell who said that he lent the car to Watson but didn’t realize he would be so far from home. Mr. Howell was informed that Watson would be taken to jail. The Sheriffs department was given permission to search the car and saw the gift wrapped package in the trunk. Watson was taken to jail and shortly after they left, there was a massive explosion. Trooper Fulford was holding the package when it was detonated.

– Mr. Howell was charged with the death of Trooper Fulford. The venue of the trial was moved from Jefferson County to Escambia County. Mr.. Howell, after trial, was sentenced to death in 1995.
– Lester Watson, was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
– Patrick Howell (brother of defendant) is serving a life sentence without eligibility of parole for 25 years for his involvement.

There was an opinion filed by the Florida Supreme Court on 2/220/14 that can be read here which upheld the denial for post conviction relief.

He is set to be executed today 2/26/14 at 6pm EST.


**This page will be updated with any last minute appeals**