Just Because!-

This post isn’t lengthy. It doesn’t even have a purpose except to EXCLAIM:

and because its the weekend:



Drunk History- Chicago- Lincoln the Lawyer

This is my favorite episode of Drunk History ever. I can’t find the part’s I love online, but I will find a way to post it. Until then, here’s a clip.

“Am I involved in this case or what?!”



Easy as Cheesecake?

So I was walking through Target the other day wandering looking for easy tasty dessert. The only box left on the shelf was this:

I got a pie crust because I didn’t realize it came with a pie crust. You have to have a pie tin, which I don’t have so it worked out. Long story short, after all of 5 minutes of prep work and an hour in the fridge it was super tasty cheesecake!

Easiest Cheesecake Ever!


Annnnnd I’m Back!

I’ve missed writing blogs. I don’t know how else to say it. I miss the trials, the ducks, the cake! I miss it all. So I’m back and I’ll try to be more awesome this time 🙂


Disneyland? A Map? A Guide?! WOW!

Are you wondering where stuff at Disneyland is? Where is the Carnation Cafe? Can I eat in Critter Country?

Well, do I have a gift for you!

New Disneyland Map and guides to the lands now up on Chocolate Cake andSidebars!



Maps of the Internet-

Here are some great maps of the internet that I found, hope you enjoy 🙂