About Me

How I got Chocolate Cakes & Sidebars!

There I was, doing nothing at work, when out of the blue, I had an idea. You might think this is strange,

but in our crazy work world of nothing such things happen all of the time. Our brave and quirky hero knew

exactly what to do — find something to do quick, before we fall asleep, but our brave and quirky hero had no idea where to start.

Seeking help for this dilemma, our hero headed down the road to Google .

The road passed three creatures of the Internet– each of them was more interesting than the

next. The first was a Google sponsored site. The second was

yahoo. The third was blogspot. Our brave and quirky hero ran the rest of the way,

and when I got there, I got another surprise!

“Wordpress!” our hero exclaimed.

“Yes, wordpress” Google answered.

“Wordpress was busy posting blogs, when out of the blue our brave and quirky hero said, knees

shaking. “Could you spare a blog space for me??”

And so it passed that WordPress gave our brave and quirky hero a new blog AND plenty of space

and all was well.

You might think this is strange, but when you like Chocolate Cake & Sidebars such things happen all of the time.

In reality I’m a 20-something kid who gets stuck at amazingly boring jobs that pay somewhat well and allow me to do nothing there. Hence, this random blog. Any feedback or comments are welcomed. I also like randomly funny or interesting ideas so send them my way!


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are owesome Hero,i also stumbled upon wordpress in my quest,of internet niche freedom.I like you.For real wordpress is a nightmare to me am trying to figure out how to do things in here.
    wish u all the best

  2. Same here: uninspiring, bland jobs… -by choice!- They help me pay my rent while I ride the songstress plane, singing and creating stories and magic as I go. Best of luck to you, indulge in your adventurous ride, cause I always say: the mundane is merely magic in disguise!

  3. PS I love that you have a category named “awesomeness”!! And I think we should start a fundraiser or something to get you to live in Disneyland. Permanently. Great idea! :o)

    • Thank you! Awesomeness has to be a category because the pursuit of awesomeness is never-ending. Can we make cake for the fundraiser? I’ll let people come visit me at Disneyland. Maybe a party and wine during fireworks? 🙂

      • Cake! Yes!! Fireworks in Disneyland… Longing to be there.. :o)
        And I agree, the road to awesomeness may even be the anticipated destination itself! Have fun with it and see you at the fundraiser!!

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