Georgia vs. Devonni Benton

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The case of Georgia vs. Devonni “Devo” Benton is being covered at! Visit there for the Verdict! more comments and thoughts from people like you!



8 thoughts on “Georgia vs. Devonni Benton

  1. I totally agree with insession’s analyst Midwin Charles, that something about this case that stinks. there was plenty of things about this case that gave me reasonable doubt. I strongly believe that once Devonni’ so call homeboyz realize that he and he only was the one the cops wanted to pin this on, they got together and decided that he would be the fall guy for this crime. I am inclined to believe that the gun may have belong to benton, but i believe when the malay started the gun some how changed hands thus leaving me to believe that clarence carter was indeed the real shooter! this young man is just the fall guy because this is who the cops wanted and his boyz all knew this so they handed him over on a silver platter!

    • I TOTALLY agree with Carlotta and ESPECIALLY JACKIE….He was definitely the FALL GUY. I hope and pray he wins his appeal…KEEP THE FAITH DEVONNI!!!

      • Agree with you. This case still in my heart and i hope God help Devo to keep his hopes and he gets a fair trial giving him his freedon so he go back to college and do his best.

  2. its going to be a year since this murder trial which i follow very close on CNN. I still feel convinced that Mr Benton was wrongful charged and i pray for him everyday that god help him to get another fair trial and the real killer pay for. I also hope that Mr Benton keep his faith. I still close my eyes and see his face at the moment of the sentence, it can not go away.
    God, will listen our prayers and will make justice

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