Texas vs. Matt Baker

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11 thoughts on “Texas vs. Matt Baker

  1. In the case of Matt Baker…Someone who is depressed and is planning suicide I think would more than likely be holding pictures of their loved ones and crying prior to committing the act but I did not see any photos of Mrs. Baker’s children or any used tissues in the crime scene photos. Further to this, I really don’t think that a depressed mother would commit suicide in the nude. I’m certain she would have gotten dressed in case one of her children would have found her. Also, why would she choose this short time frame to end her life while her husband ran out to grab movies??? This seems really odd that she would choose that time to end her life. I believe Mr.Baker murdered his wife.

  2. I live in Dallas, Texas and I already know the verdict (wooo hooo!). I do believe 100% that he killed his wife and faked the suicide note. He sealed his own fate the night of Kari’s visitation asking her friend and psychologist if Kari thought he was going to kill her and if she knew he was having an affair. Both answers being yes. He’s an idiot! He knew she knew everything about his girlfriend and the deadly plans he had for her. She had talked to people about it already. He couldn’t let that get around the city and church (although he was too late), so they only thing he felt he had left to do was kill the mother of his children. So sad, and that’s why he will spend the rest of his life in prison. You don’t murder people in TEXAS and get away with it! The entire country knows how this state is.

  3. The suicide note that was left was typed and printed out. That means detectives can’t match the handwriting. What kind of person thinks about typing out a single-spaced uniform suicide note when they are in that state of mind? It’s not like it was a sudden death, she was poisoned, if she poisoned herself she would have time to write a final goodbye on her deathbed, not sitting at her computer.

    • This is crazy. I am watching this in IN Session. The note says that she just wanted to give the daughter a hug. That sounds temporary. Suicide notes are not temporary like she would come back. He dressed her??? Why was she naked? Showering…sex…??? Who would dress someone knowing that medical people are coming? Why would he take the computer from work, and give it to mom, who gave it to dad, who still has it. Why not leave it at work? I think when she said she was shaking in her email, that he had been poisoning her or planned to. Notice he called for her parents to get the kids, but cut them off after the death. I would not dare ask my husband to go out at 11 pm to get a movie and gas…

  4. What’s up with Baker and all this writing, do he plan to
    write a book about this?
    Why would he take time to clothe his wife before
    administering CPR? Furthermore, he seems excited about
    her death even while testifying.

    Balto., Md.

  5. Is Matt Baker writing a book? He has been writing since this trial started, to look up only once or twice when Linda was on the stand as well as Vanessa Bulls.
    If one was not real clear on the players here, it may be assumed that he(Matt) is a part of the trial lawyer team!

    Vanessa is still a child ……..as evidenced by her testimony and demenor on the stand…she has paid “attention” to Matt’s words as they have benefited her ,….the rest… she really in very UNCONCERNED about. Very selfish and I truly am curious what God she worships as well. sharon, ohio

  6. These mistresses kill me with the outrage after they get busted. She accepted the ring, hung out with the kids, had sex, wrote emails and listened to his BS. But now she is a victim??? She was a victim when he made the first move…She stopped being a victim shen she went to bed, in HIS house with him.

  7. Did anyone catch on In Session yesterday when they mentioned that 6 weeks before the trial was to stat that they found Vanessa Bulls’ DNA on the bottle of Ambiem that was found in the bedroom? Or am I just crazy? If she was aware that Matt Baker planned on killing his wife, and they were close enough to talk about the murder afterwords, was she maybe involved? People dont useually devulge that much information to someone unless they were involved as well. Just a thought.

  8. Vanessa Bulls didn’t realize she was at a married pastor’s home
    for the 2nd time while the kids and wife were out and was parking in
    the garage,for what, to protect the car from sunlight? couldn’t Vanessa Bull—- bull. Your don’t need to teach kids, or raise them.
    I guarantee if I were in an affair and my lover was naming off ways to off his wife, my first call would be to the local police.
    As for Rev.Matt, he really outsmarted himself (no too large a task).
    The trouble for the murdering pastor is that when you deny
    any part in the murder of your wife, you can’t name a co-conspirator to the murder, and thereby cut a deal for a few less years. He get the whole ride.
    Guess the idiot didn’t think that far (thank God).
    Wonder how he will explain all this to his daughters.
    ps. Didn’t daughter Kassidy die unexpectly and suddenly
    after being released fro the hospital. Did she have an autopsy?
    Were there any insurance policies on her life? Just wondering considering the botched job the police did on this murder.

  9. When Matt went to the grave yard to see if they had touched his wife’s grave…why did he then run to see if his daughters grave had also been dug up?? What does one have to do with the other…they said the child dies suddenly…autopsy done there? We know she had a brain tumor but was stable and then sudden death? It is just weird to me his reaction at the graveyard.

  10. People are so weird. Who said that Kari wanted to kill herself? Maybe it was a ploy for attention from husband, thus the nudeness? And who knows when she wrote the note, or where? at school, at church, at her parent’s , at Matt’s work? And who said the baby was stable when she passed away? Someone that did not know how very sick she was, and how chemo was attacking her little body.

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