Big Booming Voice: WHO IS JIHAD JANE?!

Thats what I heard as I turned on the radio this morning. They teased it and then I ended up getting out of the car. It was pretty funny to hear this large radio announcer voice say “WHO IS JIHAD JANE!”.

Long story short, its this little blond lady from Pennsburg Pennsylvania, Colleen LaRose. She has been indicted an accused of conspiracy to provide support to terrorists and even kill a person in another country. LaRose is not well known in her area and people are a little frightened as they well should be.



She had dubbed herself  “Jihad Jane” on  The Justice Department indicted her and 5 others who have been accused of maybe helping “wage violent jihad” (CNN) in Europe and other places.


Jihad Jane has a history of mental health issues including depression and almost suicide. She also has a DWI and was arrested for passing a bad check. (Not that this has really anything to do with her jihad plans, but hey, it’s nice to mention).




Visit the full story (more words, less succinct) here.



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