MI vs. Stephen Davis- Verdict updated 3/8

Wow this case is a doozy.
Where: Mt. Clemens, MI


The defendant: Stephen Davis

Other defendant (charged but this isn’t his trial): James LaCoursiere

When: 2008

Victims: Robert “Bobby” McGuire (17), Nicholas “Nick” Noble (17), and Jordan VandePutte (17).

The story:

After school had let out, 45 miles outside of Detroit, two vehicles raced ahead of one another swooping and swerving around eachother. Near the 25 Mile Road intersection, the vehicle driven by James LaCoursiere drifted into oncoming traffic and hit a school bus. Two of his passengers died instantly and the other died at the hospital. The school bus was empty. James LaCoursiere now faces three counts of manslaughter.

The driver of the other vehicle that was racing with LaCousiere, Stephen Davis, also faces the same three counts. The state alleges that “Davis engaged the teens during a fit of ‘road rage’ and bears responsibility equal to that of LaCoursiere for the crash” (InSession)

There were 16 eyewitnesses who give different accounts of what happened and observers riding in the same car can’t agree which makes for murky facts. There is no reason for LaCourisere to swerve left since there was no contact between LaCousiere’s pickup and Davis’ car. La Coursiere, who only suffered leg injuries, says he doesn’t remember.

“Davis’ attorney Robert Vitale says that whatever the answer, his client simply minded his own business, while the kids played a game of Russian roulette from the moments they pulled onto the road. ‘If you play roulette long enough, sooner or later the bullet is going come up in the chamber. It could have been anybody else on the road; it happened to be Mr. Davis.'”(In Session)

If convicted, Davis faces up to 15 years in prison..

Stephen Davis was convicted of negligent homicide in the death of the 3 students. He will spend 16-24 months in jail….



76 thoughts on “MI vs. Stephen Davis- Verdict updated 3/8

  1. What a sham. Two of the teenagers get off scot free and a man is convicted for their ignorance. What message are we sending high school kids? You only have to have seen their testimony to be aware that they are not taking responsibility for their friends’ deaths. In the words of one, “we were just being teenagers” Duh. No! The vast majority of teenagers are socially responsible and would never have behaved the way they dd.

    • uh.. there wasnt 2 teenagers.. 4 teens in the car.. 3 died, i know this because they all went to my school.. and the man you speak of got off with almost nothing while the teen driver has 3 years probation

  2. I doubt if Davis was just minding his own business. He is an adult and should have pulled back. I admit the teens were messing around but everyone has done something foolish. Davis simply was wanting to prove he was in charge. I feel he prevented the truck from returning to the left lane. His punishment will be to forever see these young mens faces andknow he played a part of them never becoming adults.

    • I agree with Peg when she said that Davis shouls have been the adult in the crime. He should have reported the way they were acting on the highway and backed off of all the mess.

      How in the hell could they not have reasonable doubt?
      Mr. Davis’ attorney proved on cross examination of those boys that they were LIARS. Even the eyewitnesses changed their stories.
      How can you have 50 witnesses with 50 different versions and not have reasonable doubt?
      If there ever was a verdict that should be set aside it is this one. I hope the Judge does the right thing.
      Regardless of what and where Mr. Davis was, that kid was driving on the wrong side of the road, in a turning lane passing someone.

    • Peg, the truck should have never been in the left lane to begin with.
      Everyone keeps saying Mr. Davis was the adult, well let me ask you this, how the hell was Mr. Davis to know the ages of the people in that truck?
      So because they were teens their behavior is to be excused.
      Since when does driving on the wrong side of the road and crashing into a bus, killing 3 people considered something foolish.

  3. Mr. Davis’s mistake was getting involved, now he has to pay for it. As for LaCourisere, he should pay the same price. Unfortunately the ones who are paying the most, are the family of those boys who lost their lives.

  4. I think Davis got off way too light. He was an aggressive man driving around with an Ak-47 in his car. Three teens are dead because of stupid road rage. I think Stephen Davis should be spending the rest of his life in prison.

    • From what I saw on TV, Mr. David was at fault for the accident. Why should Mr. Davis have the right to teach these boys a lesson? Had Mr. Davis minded his own business and just driven on down the highway these boys would still be alive, he got off too easy. What a shame!

      • Sorry Barbara…..those kids had no regard to anything or anyone around them. You could have been on the road with their reckless driving. Would you change how you feel then?

      • While I don’t think he was absolutely innocent, even the crime scene investigator said it was more the teens fault for engaging in this activity long before they encountered Mr. Davis and that he didn’t realize how aggressively the teens were driving.

      • Barbara, if the boys weren’t driving like a bunch of idiots and breaking the law, those boys would still be alive.
        Mr. Davis wasn’t the only vehicle on that road that day so for you to say that if he had minded his own business and just driven on down the highway is stupid.
        What, whenever a teenager is driving like an idiot, all we need to do is just continue down the highway.

    • As a former police officer I have to say I think Mr. Davis got a raw deal. First off by looking at the physical evidence of the tread marks generated by his car, he was in the left lane when he applied his brakes hard. Also by the bus drivers testimony, who clearly had the best angle of view, Mr. Davis was in the left lane. No there is no law that states he HAS to slow down around reckless drivers. He was legally in the proper lane (he could be ticketed for speeding). Those boys were driving recklessly for miles, the driver then tried to pass in a turn ony lane (illegal) and lost control. Mr. Davis’ car never touch the truck. And as far as the flipping someone off…if that is now the litmus test for road rage then we are all in trouble. By those standards it will soon be considered a hate crime. And Finally I find it reprehensible that all the other boys got a slap on the hand and Mr. Davis has to pay the cost of THEIR irresponsibility.

      • I agree 100%. I’m not saying Davis had no responsibility. If you ask me for an opinion I’d say Davis was negligent. But opinion isn’t enough. The DA did not establish that Davis’ actions were necessary to the result, beyond reasonable doubt. Given that the other driver was already weaving into oncoming traffic, and that the two cars never collided, it is reasonable (key word) to imagine that Lacoursier might have hit the bus without interference from Davis. If it could’ve happened that way, the DA needs to *prove* it didn’t, or there is reasonable doubt.

    • The rest of his life?????????? Are you kidding me? What about the person who was actually driving the car the kid’s died in? I don’t really care what Mr. Davis did, had the kid driving NOT attempted to pass in a turning lane there would have been NO deaths in this situation.

  5. What an unfortunate situation for all involved.
    Each driver is responsible for their own behavior/choices.
    Kids being kids is not a good excuse for being irresponsible.
    If the driver involved wasn’t Mr Davis it would probably would have been somebody else on that day or another.

    Bad choices were made. Just shows you that one bad decision(not to slow down or stop their involvement) can change your life forever.
    In this case the bad decisions affected many, many people. Hopefully some good will come from this.

    My sympathy to all of the families. Mr Davis’s included.

  6. i’m sorry, but they are all at fault. since when has it ever been ok for drivers to throw empty or full soda cans at each other while driving down the road? this may sound callous, but they all got what was coming to them. davis should have know better but he is only 5 years out from being a teen driver himself. just up the road from where the accident happened is a daycare center. would there be tea and sympathy for the drivers if instead of hitting the empty bus, they ran up the curb and into the yard of the daycare center? what about the school district who failed to provide proper transportation for the boys to go to and from their home high school to the vocational school they were attending? the district claims that the students are “adult enough” to handle the 9 mile drive and that they will drive carefully and within the law. the neighboring district transports their students that go from school to school for classes. that trip is 2 1/2 miles from school to school. there is plenty of blame to go around, however there will be no sympathy from me to any of these families since we are all taught to drive in a careful manner,and not anything resembling the speeds in which these drivers were.

    • Exactly.
      If only that school bus had been going the other way with the children in the bus, instead of them driving cars that they clearly were not mature enough to drive.
      It’s a shame.
      My condolences to all the families for this tragedy.

  7. I’m very disappointed about the verdict. We ( my husband and I ) think that Mr. Davis was just as innocent as any other motorist that are out sharing the road with immature teenagers. I have 2 small kids that are with us out on the road every day. And it sickens me to think that we could very possibly be in the same situation WITH OUR INNOCENT KIDS in the car with us. It IS a shame that 3 boys lost their young lives in this ordeal, but maybe it takes things like this to wake some people up.

    • Actually, I sort of agree with the policeman who placed the blame at about 60-40, with Davis assuming about 40 % of the blame.
      Clearly, he got involved, and that was a huge and deadly mistake on his part.
      He did not mean for the accident to happen, but he is not without SOME blame?
      When someone is driving erratically, you should stay clear of them, not join them in their recklessness.

  8. The teens should be held responsible for the accident. There were numerous accounts of their negligent driving, they could of crashed into anyone out there.

  9. Poor Mr Davis. this came up on him like a tornado and he had only seconds to understand what was happening around him and to react. I’ve had kid chases evolve around me and it’s there, around you and gone before you can think what to do. There but for fortune go you and I.

    • Excellent question. One of them on the stand came across as the smug “angry young man” who remembered very little that occurred in the time leading up to the accident, except for the details of Mr Davis’ driving. All of the young drivers involved in their vehicular form of “play” added to the day’s horrible conclusion.

  10. Davis is a jerk for sure but how can they hang a manslaughter conviction on him when the boys sealed their fate when they chose to drive 80+mph on Gratiot.

  11. I dont believe that mr. davis should have done any time, it was proven that he tried several times to get into the right lane and the kids prevented him from doing that. these kids are responsible totally and the real ones that should be on trial are the drivers of the trucks. a lot of teens drive very aggressive i myself have been the victim of teens who seem to think that a vehicle is a toy. i also dont know what mr. davis having an ak47 in his back seat has anything to do with this, i myself have a concealed weapon but this doesnt make me an aggressive maniac. i use it for protection against the maniacs that are out there. our justice system is corrupt and this is just another example.

    • Reaper,You say u have a weapon in your car??? and look at the reason you say that ”why” u have it—concealed/protection for yourself?/maniacs??–wow,u have just admitted that you may be a danger to others!!!
      No further comments.
      Sorry for all concerned I am,its another example of just beng ”CARELESS”/MADDENING SITUATIONS/I”LL GET EVEN THOUGHTS/HIGHWAY ROAD RAGE/and most of all, utter nonsense of grown men/teenagers.
      Its truly a sad time for all concerned and set an example for others.

      • Me having a weapon doesn’t mean I am a maniac, It also doesn’t mean I am calling others with weapons maniacs. It just means that if there is a dangerous person out there I have it, not for road rage, but when I am out of my car i have it on me, so as not to be a victim to rape, assault, or my children being attacked. I hope to never have to use it, but If I need to protect myself or my family I can. Which is why I have it LEGALLY not illegally.

  12. I lost a teenage sister due to a very similar situation. I do not feel as if Mr. Davis is responsible for the actions of the teenager(s). The driver of the other vehicle (Mr. LaCousiere) could have also disenganged. Ordinary negligence maybe the correct conviction. Manslaughter was over reaching. Even if Mr. Davis was angry and aggressive, he could not have forseen or predicted Mr. LaCousiere’s actions. This is a tragedy, a terrible tragedy. Let’s use this to correct our own actions while driving and to teach our youth.

    • Lynne,
      I agree with you that there needs to be more education and examples of the parents being set. I believe that there are a lot of parents who are disengaged from their children’s behavior. I cant believe that this is the first time these kids have driven like this. i think it is our responsibility to teach our children. I think parents need to be more diligent in raising their kids. and us as citizens need to start reporting this behavior on the roads to police. we should be getting plate numbers and reporting. and the police should take it more seriously and investigating these vehicles and at least if nothing more, the parents would at least be aware that their children were doing something wrong.

      • Years ago parents were held responsible for what their kids would do when outside of the home, this was to keep them engaged and help their kids develop responsible behavior. Unfortunately today many parents will stand behind their kids whether right or wrong and therefore sending the message that irresponsiblity is OK.

  13. Crazy! I do not think that there was any conclusive evidence that should put Mr. Davis in jail for this amount of time.

    Our legal system was set up to prevent one innocent (not saying he’s “Innocent”) person from going to prison but these days we are sending more people to jail without conclusive evidence.

    There is plenty of reasonable doubt here.

    Question: How can we send child molesters in prison for 5 years (ex: California where he was released and murdered a 17 year old and probably more) and someone caught up in a situation he didn’t ask for get (up to)15???

    Our system needs to be revamped, fair and relevant.

    • I totally agree with you, i don’t think he deserved any time. and again, our justice system is corrupt, its laughable that it is even called a justice system. the same holds true with the time that people who steal get, they can get anywhere from 3 to 15 years for stealing yet someone who rapes or murders or molests gets maybe 5 to whatever but is out before you know it. our system is so backwards i am not saying that stealing isnt wrong but when did money mean more that life. it definately needs to be fixed.

      • I’d like to add some detail to your fine point: Federal Reserve Notes have more value in our “system” than does human life. When you asked, “when did money mean more than life”, you brought the essence of our societal demise into the spotlight!

  14. I here everybody pointing the finger, BOO HOO everybody is at falt and for the kids that died, well I bet no one in that town really missed them. If they were involved in this stupied stuff what eles could they have been in. Everybody is to blame from the parents to the kids…………………

    • i live a bout a mile from the high school those boys were racing back to. for a while they left the car of one of the victims in the parking lot of the school as a kinda of reminder of happened. sure kids cried and boo-hooed at the car for days afterwards.not that it made a difference. when i am out in the afternoon i steer clear of the entrance of that high school. there is a bout a 1/4 mile driveway that leads from the main road which is 5 lanes to the school parking lot. it is the only entrance to the school complex and the students still don’t take heed when leaving the school, even though there are speed bumps to try to keep the speed down. i have been cut off so many times by the students that it isn’t even worth it to drive that stretch of road.

  15. i’ve been involved in this driving situation many times. but even when i was 16, or now that i’m 30+, i would not go faster than normal traffic on a 4 lane road…ever.

    drive a car at 80 miles an hour, and have a tire blow out. teaches you some facts about momentum and cars pretty quickly. it can happen anytime…all by yourself.

    can’t believe the verdict here, but there was clear stupidity all around. wait until the civil cases start piling up. Mr. Davis is done.

    Mr. LaCousiere is next…wonder if he gets tried as an adult or not? common sense states he gets at least the same amount of time in jail…will be interesting to see how it actually plays out.

  16. Our system may be a little wrong *(unfair) however following this case as a defense attorney, I see the confusion with the various conflicting testimonies. But following consistancies between them all I believe Mr. Davis is in fact at fault as well as Mr. LaCousier I believe he got off with too short a time given the fact that 3 young lives where taken in the result of their negligent behaviors. Sorry lynn for the loss of your sister, and to the Mcguire, Vandeputte, and Noble families our hearts go out to you.

    • Uh oh. There are inconsistencies between those of us watching the same trial. From what I saw and heard, the Woods’ family testimony was not consistent with each other and they were in the same vehicle. The most credible to me among them was Mr. Woods the nurse as he’d be trained to pay attention to details for his professional duties.

      What exactly were consistencies between them all as you state?

      I’d be somewhat satisfied if you’d address just the Woods testimony? Mom was going the speed limit, perhaps.

  17. There were approximately 23 eyewitnesses who gave 23 different versions of what they saw.

    The prosecution witness a policeman who is an accident reconstruction expert the stated under oath that based on his experience the prime person responsible was LaCousiere.

    He also stated that the Davis’ car never touched LaCousiere’s.

    The verdict was BS.

    • John, I agree with you. I watched In Session interview with the reconstructionist expert who explained how the computerized reconstruction was accomplished. He was asked point-blank who he attributed the fault to and he exonerated Davis. He also stated there was no evidence of paint transfer to Davis’ car or the other vehicle from Davis car.

      I didn’t watch all of the testimony but enough from witnesses who gave every which way version. The only one I found anywhere close to credible was Mr. Wood, who said he was a nurse. From what I heard, he put Davis in the left lane.

      I only watched the Woods family testimony and the interview with the reconstructionist expert. I didn’t watch the testimony of the bus driver, but a poster previously notes the bus driver put Davis in the left lane as well.

      I didn’t watch further after watching the expert’s interview with in session as I thought surely that computerized version of events giving a bird’s eye view of the scene based on measurements, skid marks, etc. should have provided enough room for reasonable doubt on top of all the variations of witnesses testimony. (again with the exception of Mr. Woods, the nurse who is obviously trained to observe.)

      There’s something wrong when the evidence is not clearly there to back up the prosecution’s account, eye-witness testimony is overwhelmingly unreliable, an expert for the prosecution as was stated places the fault elsewhere than on the defendant – and yet the person is still convicted.

      Hopefully Davis will appeal the conviction.

    • I’m surprised at the verdict because apparently no one saw the same thing. According to the teenagers, they were all traveling at the posted speed limit and wasn’t driving reckless. Everone else seen them driving all over the place and even trying to pass on the shoulder. It’s just a sad situation. I work EMS and have learned that these things are caused by a condition called stupid. It’s what keeps us in business.

  18. I think the officer was correct in the 40/50 blame. My question would be, why didn’t someone driving along the same road call 911 and report the erratc driving??? I’ve done that more than once and have actually seen the police stopping the offending driver, maybe three kids would still be alive and learning how NOT to act behind the wheel.
    As for Mr. Davis, he should have been one of the people calling 911 if he was really interested in “teaching them a lesson”.

    • Perhaps they should prosecute the people who didnt call 911 as well. If they had all of this could’ve been avoided right? Hurry, get a rope!

  19. Its unfortunate that people had to die but youngsters drive erratic all the time and I have no sympathy for them at all. When I’m driving down the street and I come upon youngsters behaving erractically I always hope they will crash to teach them a lesson. I’m really sick of people letting them off the hook because they are “children”. If that’s the case, then they have no business having a drivers license or a car and the parents should be held responsible as well. I’m so sick of people passing the buck for their actions. If you can’t drink until you’re 21 then you shouldn’t be allowed to drive until you are 21 either!!!

  20. This just trips me out,…this guy doesnt have the duty back-off,..slow-down,…back-down to car-loads of kids driving like maniacs in vehicles mommy and daddy purchased….these kids are all going to walk,..and a guy that was put into this entire incident by a bunch of punks,…will have to go to prison. OJ walks free but we send this guy who i will admit could have made some better split-second decisions,…to spend time in prison. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  21. First off, I believe it was only the prosecution that claimed Mr. Davis was trying to “teach the kids a lesson”. There was deffinitely enough reasonable doubt to acquit Davis. All you have to do is hear the teens tesimonies and how they differ from one another and differ from there previous statements.
    Sure its sad that three young people had to die, but you cant shift the blame to someone else just to clear your own conscious.

  22. ORDINARY negligence!!!! Give Mr. Davis 3 pts. on his license and let him go. He shouldn’t have gotten involved, but was certainly provoked – and this eliminates consideration of ‘gross’ negligence as I read the statute. The teens caused the accident — all three of them should lose the licenses for 5 years and Mr. LaCousiere should spend 45 yrs. in prison. HE was the one traveling 80+ mph in the left turn lane. He’s MORE than grossly negligent. All three of the teen drivers were engaged in a course of action which directly led to the tragedy – even the one guy that got away in the end without even a ticket.

    I feel sorry for the families of the dead boys – but who gave them or allowed them to drive pick-up trucks in the first place?? My sympathy is severly limited…

  23. Mr. Davis got a raw deal. Hopefully he will appeal and not serve any time in jail. The other 6 teens in the other 2 speeding trucks should have their licenses revoked and not be allowed to drive until more mature.
    Road rage definitely was not proven…certainly not by shooting a bird at someone!
    The kid going 90 mph that did a head-on with the bus paid the ultimate price for his immaturity and stupidity. Why does Mr. Davis have to pay the price for LaCousiere’s error?

  24. Mr. Davis was sentenced to 16-24 months for his involvement. Mr. LaCoursiere will probably receive a lengthier sentence.

    Michigan, like Wisconsin, built a lot of prisons and they make money on in-take from over-crowded states. They both have way more prisoners per capita than most other states, yet they are two of eight states in deep financial difficulty.

    The sentence was lenient because the judge did not agree with the jury’s verdict. Jury’s are becoming way too vindictive.

    I feel that Davis should never have gone to court. The prosecution slapped the police department in the face because police reports did not condemn Davis to a plea-bargain and force him to choose a jury trial.

  25. I am angry! Yes he was just as much at fault as the boys in the other trucks! Actually more so. He is after all the “adult”!
    Haw sad that this is what we say the lives of these boys are worth 16 to 24 months in jail! I challange eah of you who live in his area to go drive where he is when he gets out! Think he has “learned” anything? Think he will brake check you? How bout cut you off?, Or block you in? Scarry isn’t it? Just think how many of you have children out on the roads? I do. I don’t want a..holes like this out there with them!

    • I think this is the good ol’ american way of trying to blame the adult b/c our kids are so innocent right. while were at it. how bout it america? lets blame the parents too..lol. We have all been on the road before when some kids drive by after getting out of school racing, yelling at other vehicles, cutting in and out of traffic ext.. so lets blame davis when these kids were driving 90 in the center lane by a school bus. lets not say this wouldnt have happened if davis wasnt there. instead lets say what all of you are scared to say. this would have never happened if those kids wouldnt have decided to grab ass on the road after school..what if those kids would have ran down some children getting out of school? not so innocent now..just b/c those kids died makes it no less their fault. its all their fault..atleast someone stopped it before they had the chance to make it up the road to run down and kill my kids..maybe now parents will talk to their children about how not to drive like an idiot. this was an accident caused by those kids so lets throw a man in our prison system for what could be the rest of his life b/c i know he does this every weekend driving kids off the road killing them…lol…so foolish..COME ON AMERICA SOMETIMES OUR KIDS ARE THE DUMB ASSES……YES ITS TRUE…WAKE UP

  26. Looked like prosecutor in closing argument refused to talk about responsibility of the teens themselves in this tragedy and also didn’t discuss any of the exonerating evidence in Davis’s favor.
    It was so biased an argument I am amazed that the jury didn’t dismiss all charges as it was so obvious that the prosecution was overreaching and distorting the evidence.

    Bottom line is that Davis should not in a criminal trial. If the parents believe he was somehow to blame they could sue him in civil court, as happens with other wrongful death suits.

    Here, where there was no evidence that Davis’ car even made contact with the teen’s truck and no physical evidence that he had caused the other car to steer off and hit the bus, trying him for murder was absurd.

    The trial judge should have given a directed verdict in his favor.

  27. WOW. I am wondering how much worse this wreck could have been further up the road if it were not for Mr. Davis. These teens could have killed ALOT of innocent people themselves.

  28. I’ve been watching this trial with interest, and while I do not the outcome, I am not wholly convinced about the whole thing. If I was on the jury, and having been in such situations myself, as many of us have, here is what I think happened: Davis, a pretty strapping 24 year old guy, gets cut off, passed, etc by a trio of kids. Testosterone starts running and he goes after them — not on my watch! You’re not going to pass me (he must have thought) .. he speeds up .. they speed up … all a game … everyone’s at it … and then … in a split second .. he swerves left just a little, sees the bus, pulls right, yaws … and the game is over. He gets jail time .. and the other driver — he should get 15 years. I used to play the same game as Davis when I was younger — now, at 60 years old, I just slow down to 5 miles under the speed limit, no brake checking, and let you figure out how to pass me.

  29. What about the inconsistency in testimony from the teenagers?! The lack of truth and the changing of stories from the time of the accident to interviews with police and finally at the trial. They never admitted to going the speed that the skid marks show and they never admitted the wreckless driving that happened prior to the accident, that other witnesses seen. My opinion Mr. Davis was accidentally caught up in the middle of childish horse play and couldn’t not get out. He was being blocked in from behind and on the right side by one of the other teenager’s vehicles. It’s a shame this man has to spend jail time to appease the families of the deceased parties when it was not his fault they were acting like they were. Crazy!

  30. ” Although, I do not know any of the players involved in this incident, I remember when this tragedy happened. The last couple of weeks, the Court TV channel has had Mr. Davis’s trial on everyday for 6 hours running. I watched his trial on this channel everyday. I understand that Mr. Davis at some point got involved in the wrong these boys were doing on the road (either voluntarily or not); however, as was pointed out by many witnesses, it was the actions of the driver of the pickup that caused the accident. I don’t feel Mr. Davis, from the testimony that was presented during the trial of the accident was the cause of this accident. He did not force these kids into the left hand turn lane where he was and he certainly did not force them into the oncoming traffic. You have to remember he was in front of them and there was no contact between the two vehicles. This was a choice that James (the driver of the pickup) made. Who by the way was driving in excess of 80 MPH in a 50-55 MPH zone. If Mr. Davis was not in the left hand turn lane when James decided to pass in that lane at the rate of speed he was driving and there had been another car sitting there trying to turn left, would that other driver have been put at fault? I don’t think so.

    I am not saying that anyone deserved to die in this tragedy and I feel for the parents and friends of all that knew the deceased and the surviving drivers that are now being charged with responsibility of these boy’s deaths.

    However, I do feel that the responsibility of the tragedy should be placed where it belongs. I’m sure that with or without conviction of some type James will have to live with his stupid behavior on that day for the rest of his life; however, I also feel the ultimate blame needs to be placed on him and not the drivers in the vehicles that were around him.

    He was the one for several miles that was driving recklessly with no regard for himself, his passengers or others on the road. Several times he was seen driving at a high rate of speed on the gravel shoulder of the road.

    It is too bad that 3 boys had to pay the ultimate price and yet it is fortunate that no one else was hurt by this boy’s decision to play games where no one wins.

    Mr. Davis as well as all the other drivers on Gratiot that day’s lives were placed in jeopardy because of the actions of these kids dangerous game.

    This is a no win situation for anyone that was there that day, nor for the friends and family members of those that so needlessly lost their lives.

    I think that justice would be better served by speaking engagements for James for a good many years to come. He and he alone needs to be held accountable for his actions. Hopefully, he will get the much needed counseling that he will undoubtedly need. I think having to be made to speak in front of groups regarding this accident will assist him in his own healing process. But he needs to first be honest about his responsibility in what he did that day; before the healing will begin and stop putting blame on others around him. “

  31. I just do not understand how a jury could send this man (Mr. Davis) to prison to serve any time when every witness could not give a very detailed account of the situation especially the other teen drivers. What teen is going to be honest and forthcoming when they know they have done something wrong and could get into trouble? Those drivers who “pulled back” could not have possibly seen what all was occurring up ahead. If I was on the jury, I would have acquitted, but I am sure the jury felt compelled to find this man guilty because of the death of 3 teenagers.

  32. First of all, I do not know anyone involved in this horrific accident, second, I am a concerned citizen who is disgusted with some of these posts. Which I have found hateful, judge-mental, and disgustingly appalling. Are you proud of yourselves for what you have wrote? Or were you trying to figure out how to remove what you wrote after you already posted it? Hmmmm… Well, I watched all the testimony on TRU-TV In session, and now have read all of your posts, and on various sites. Opinions are one thing, but for some of you- to Judge James ? Yes I agree he was driving erratically, and I believe the jury will assign his role in the matter as they see fit, according to law. YOU- are not the Law, nor the Judge !!! Get it through your head. Can you answer why the defense would not allow the witness to say what she heard Mr. Davis say at the stop light right before the accident occurred? and what was it that he said? That simple statement would have proved Mr. Davis’ INTENTIONS and the final results! They never concluded why Mr. Davis’ swerved out in front of those boys, causing them both to be in on-coming traffic. You were not there, so you don’t know what you would have done had you been in James’ situation. So I would recommend keeping ” JUDGEMENTS ” to yourself, and to leave that up to God, the Judge, and the Jury. Ultimately- in my own opinion- the accident would not have happened if it wasn’t for Mr.Davis who swerved in front of James. (As per the crash scene re-construction proved) No -paint transfer between Mr. Davis and James? Obvious that James was trying to avoid rear-ending Mr. Davis who swerved in front of him, and for that mere split 1/1000th of a second, James veered left. How about this… If you had some jerk in front of you- braking you, swerving in your lane, wouldn’t you want to get away from him? Would you feel safe driving BEHIND him- who may cause an accident and there you are behind him / involved ? I doubt it. Honestly, my own opinion, I would want to be in front of drivers who are acting like that. If you are so quick to judge, why are you not judging Mr. Davis who ultimately caused the the accident by attempting to block James? He had a passenger who was injured in this matter. He took no regards of his passenger and thought he stood a chance blocking a truck that is more than 3X in size and weight to his tiny 3000 pound car? Well Since I really doubt any of you ignorant people, really, don’t know what you would do or that you are too righteous to admit that you would of found yourself in the same situation as James… I’m not taking James side, nor am I dismissing that he should be punished, I’m simply pointing out that we have too many hateful-so called human-beings in today’s society. That is why this world has become so difficult to live in.

    • Its ironic how you are coming on here and fussing at ppl for doing exactly what you are doing: Stating your opinion and giving your particular take of the incident. “YOU- are not the Law, nor the Judge” I think ppl are well aware of that, and neither are you buddy. These ppl on this website are leaving comments and opinions just like you, Which as you know, in America, we all have that right.

  33. Sixteen to twenty four months for the negligent homicides of three people? That doesn’t seem to be enough, imho. Stephen Davis was the (alleged) adult in this tragedy. I think Davis bears responsibility regardless of the teenagers share of the blame. The teens should be held to account too, but that doesn’t get Davis off for anything.

  34. I just can’t get the case out of my mind. I do feel sorry for the 3 17 year olds that died a horrible death and my heart goes out to thier families. But I think Stephen Davis was boxed in and had no way out, which caused his “road rage”. But he was the older driver with more experience. He should have backed off and called 911 about the erratic teen age drivers instead of engaging them, causing SOME of the liability of the accident. Unfortunatley the kids were more liable-age, no experience, visions of mortality were much MORE liable. May they rest in peace

  35. I think all are guilty in this case. The sad part is there are three children gone. No one should have to lose a child especially in such a way. Road rage is a major problem and steps should be taken to stop this. We do not need to lose any more innocent people. There should be no blame put on just one. All are guilty.

  36. I think the verdict was wrong. Davis(while he should have backed off) was innocent. It was the teens that started the whole mess. I personally think that(having had teen drivers of my own) that 16 years old number one IS TOO YOUNG to have a drivers license, number TWO, the 2 – 3 months of drivers ed is NOT ENOUGH driving experience for these teens, number THREE, I think they should have to drive with licensed adults for TWO YEARS before they are issued a license, and NOT BE ALLOWED to have anyone under the age of 18 in the car with them.. I do feel bad for the families of this tragedy. But I also feel bad for Stephen Davis. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL..

  37. This system is just messed up. Look I agree that Davis should go to jail but La Cousiere should rot in jail as well. This is just sending teenagers the message to go ahead and drive recklessly and you will not get into any trouble.

  38. just think of it this way what if it was the other way around and those three teens were alive and davis was the one who died, those three teens would be in the same predicament possibly charged even worse. No matter what davis should of acted his age and should have not involved himself in this road rage. Road rage happens everyday weather its teens or adults, but not everyone chooses to involve themselves and thats what davis should of done instead. Yea it could of would of been someone else that was involved instead of davis but simply fact it wasn’t anyone else. davis should of not gotten a lesser charge because i know the teens wouldnt of if it was the other way around.

  39. I still feel Davis was not boxed in. Instead of doing what any reasonable adult would do and lag back he became a part of a foolish game. He taunted the teens by break checking, speeding, and forcing excessive speeding. He refused to let the teens pass. Even if they wanted to pass to avoid confrontation he would not let them. He became the agressor and they the victims. I look at the pictures of those boys and see 3 faces full of promise, full of happiness and life. I look at the wrecked truck and see nothing but saddness and despair. Many lives were needlessly ruined that day.

  40. I would have done the same exact thing. Those drivers were out of control. Everyone of those teens need to be charged as well. If they weren’t dickin around to begin with, then it never would have happened. Whatever punishment is they should take it. They have to live with this now.

  41. I think its bs what about the parents of the guys in the truck. I am a father and when my children do something wrong i am held responsiable i feel that the parents should be on trial for not teaching their kids anything. poor mr davis his time is taken for parents that dont give a dam well my prayers are with you mr davis

  42. I really think they were all acting like idiots on the road and it does not excuse any of them for kids just being kids. The part that really has me going is these parents that want to blame James LaCoursiere for this whole thing. Oh, my poor son died because the driver was driving crazy. Let me tell you this, poor son my butt, they were all in that truck acting like idiots and are all just as much at fault as James is. It is a tradgedy that they died, but I am sure they were egging James on to keep it going!! They were all friends and all involved so don’t single James out because he is the only one alive. He will have to live with this punishment the rest of his life. And as far as I am considered, this is enough punishment for any child to have to deal with for the rest of his life. Why should he have to go to court and face years in prison? Because mom is upset because her son was killed while acting like an idiot like the rest of them? I am sorry this child will face the worst punishment for the rest of his life, he lost his friends while driving like an idiot. Why punish the kid anymore!! What is jail going to do? Nothing but set this child back further in life!! As far as Davis is concerned, maybe he was getting over to turn. Did anyone ever think of that?

    • Mr. Davis is in jail for 18 to 24 months and the actual driver of the car that killed the three kids, when he hit the bus head on, Mr. LaCourisere just got 200 hours of community service. Where is the justice! Mr. Davis should be released from prison immediately.

      How many are following this story now. Mr. Davis in jail and Mr. LaCourisere never spent a day in jail for acting like a complete idiot and killing the three kids in his vehicle. Once again, where is the justice. Mr. Davis has suffered enough compared to Mr. LaCourisere. I realize the parents of the three dead kids are also suffering, but please let’s put things in perspective.

      How can any person really believe that it is fair that Mr. Davis is in prison at Jackson and Mr. LaCourisere never spent a day in jail.

  43. Unreal. Stephen Davis gets 2 years in prison and James Lacoursiere gets no time. It sounds like the stupid young teens were the most at fault as they were the ones weaving in and out of traffic and driving in oncoming traffic. I have empathy for all the families affected; however, do now feel prison sentences are appropriate in this case. It is a unintentional tragedy resulting in death. It happens all the time.

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