Tennessee vs. Killings- Updated 2/12


The State of Tennessee vs. Sergeant Ronald Killings, who is accused of reckless homicide with the death of Lakeisha White (11yrs) on the evening of July 17, 2008.

Killings faces up to four years if convicted.

Today: 2/11- the state prosecutors rested their case.

What the jury has to figure out is whether this is another case of a tragic accident or was it actually a criminal act.

From InSession:

“Killings was working a 2:00 p.m. to midnight shift on July 17, 2008.  At 8:43 p.m., he was en route to back up an officer who needed help. The officer had located some stolen property believed to be from a home invasion the night before.  A quarter of a mile from his destination, Killings struck Lakeisha White, who was crossing the street. He says he never saw her until she hit his windshield.

Killings’s car was photographed and impounded, and he consented to a blood test for alcohol which was taken a few hours later with negative results.”

I will update with more information as it becomes available…

VERDICT: Killings was acquitted in just 55 minutes.
Note: He still faces 2 other felony charges, one for tampering with evidence and the other for filing a false report.


3 thoughts on “Tennessee vs. Killings- Updated 2/12

  1. I feel it was an accident, and going to jail doesnt change or help anything,you have to live with the guilt and an accident is just that an accident!!!!!

  2. But, he was driving at 60 in 30 MPH zone without his emergency lights or siren on. He should have got some punishment at least for reckless driving.

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