Florida vs. Omar Long- Verdict


Omar Long was charged with aggravated manslaughter for the death of his daughter, 23-month-old Arianna, whom he left in a car while he took a nap. The officers at the scene commented that Long reeked of alcohol when they arrived. The official cause of death was hyperthermia which is extreme heat exposure. The child also had second-degree burns on her body.

He could face up to 30 years in prison if found guilty…

VERDICT: After short deliberations by the jury, Omar Long was found guilty of manslaughter. On Feb 4th, the judge sentenced him to 12 years in prison.


9 thoughts on “Florida vs. Omar Long- Verdict

  1. I think the man was punished enough, the fact that he lost his child cuts deep. I do believe color plays and gender play a part because if he was a white female everyone would understand shit happens and mistakes are made! He just made the biggest mistake of his life and he is paying for it by not having his little girl alive anymore!

    • This man was on probation already for past offenses and deliberately left his child in the car. He got home from dropping off his girlfriend at work at 6am after a night of partying. He was tired, Arianna was in the car, probably asleep and since she was sick and cranky he knew if he’d wake her he wouldn’t get any sleep. So, he left the AC on full blast, locked the doors so no one could get in and thought he’d leave her in there for a bit. Well, that turned into 6 hours. The AC didn’t work as the car was idleing and the 23 month old died of heat stroke. Carelessness killed this child.

  2. i honestly dont believe he deserved 12 years….like really..!! the girls mother should have been charged with neglect to…why did she have the baby out at 6 a.m anyway. knowing he had a few drinks and was tired, what kind of mother would allow there child to be in those kind of conditions….duh..!!!!!

    • The baby was sick and up all night. She’s not the one who was on trial nor the one who “forgot” the child was in the car. She said she didn’t smell the alcohol. They were fighting, so maybe she didn’t get that close to him. Of course she would lie if she did because she doesn’t want him to go to jail or to look bad. He was also on probation which added to his sentence.

  3. To me the sister-in-law should have been charged. How could she notice the car running outside the house and do nothing about cuz she don’t like Mr. Omar Long. To me she could have saved that baby’s life, but she was being to selfish!

  4. Parents NEED to learn that children are a responsibility, not just ‘there’. The mom is at fault for being ignorant, leaving her child in the care of a man who seems to have proven over and over that he was not responsible…AND…why wake your baby at 5AM to ride to work with you. She could have easily asked the others in the home to watch the child.

    The father was negligent. HE DROVE HOME, LEFT THE CAR RUNNING, WENT INSIDE AND FELL ASLEEP knowing that he had children to care for…WHO FED THE CHILDREN BREAKFAST? Who checked the baby for hunger/diaper change? Maybe it’s me, but my children (when they were young) always got up wanting to eat, get dressed, etc. They had a routine. Black or white, he was negligent and contributed to his daughters death!

    Of course he suffered her loss, but maybe now he will think hard about the choices he makes when it comes to those he has charge over.

  5. This man does not need to serve 12 years in prison. This was an accident. Even if he had been out drinking the girlfriend should not have placed the baby in the car knowing he had been out all night. This man will carry the guilt everyday for the rest of his life. Does he really need to do 12 years?

  6. This was an accident. The mother was upset with him for not coming home the night before. She let anger get the best of her and it turned tragic. This is a very sad situation. However he did not deserve 12 years for this. Where is the justice?

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