The Happiness Project- Part 2

I did some research yesterday on, on how to maybe start my own Happiness Project or something along those lines or even just fun organizing tips. (I  am highly motivated sometimes but most times it manifests itself in the form or organization). I found that I have no idea where to start. I don’t have specific areas that I particularly want to improve, though if I’m honest, I could probably find a lot of different areas that need work.

As I get further into this book, I find myself worrying that as I read more, the faster it will come to an end! I don’t want it to end yet, I’m not ready.

We have walked through “Remember[ing] Love”- and I actually tried to implement stuff. I’m not much of a nag (yet), but I tried not to dump on my boyfriend. It was harder than I thought. This may or may not have been in the book, but I also tried to “let it go”. It was hard when I feel hurt by things that he has no clue about, probably because I’m just being a girl about stuff. I’m not too good at that though. I don’t say what I’m thinking nor do I do anything about it, I just pout or hold a grudge quietly in my head.

Look! I found something to work on!

I want to re-read the chapter about kids and parenthood again, when I have kids. I like it and it sounds like great ideas I just don’t have anywhere to implement it yet. Unless I can use it for volleyball in the fall.
Thoughts? Has anyone else implemented any of this in their life? Has it worked?


3 thoughts on “The Happiness Project- Part 2

  1. Since you are a girl, it is okay to “just be a girl about stuff.” But, just don’t expect a guy to understand it. We guys understand very little about girls and the same goes the other way around. You girls don’t understand us guys.

    After you finish the book, re-read it and translate the principles into Chocolate Cake terms. If it is an area of life you have not yet experienced, find the principle and apply it to an area you have experienced it.

    That could be a way to start your own Chocolate Cake Happiness Project. I like Chocolate Cake no matter how you put the icing on it.

    • Chocolate Cake terms! I like it. And the Chocolate Cake Happiness Project! Even better! I think a key to my happiness is chocolate cake! Are you going to have one too? A Roger’s Place in Cyber Space Happiness Project? Thanks so much for the idea! I really like it! Also, thanks for taking the time to read my posts.

      -If girls aren’t going to understand guys and guys don’t understand girls, it is just a mutual acceptance of non-understanding? How does that work?

      • Re: Understanding each other, I like the mutual acceptance idea. We can keep trying to understand each other and learn to enjoy the differences.

        At the moment, blogging is my Happiness Project. I am still waiting for the library to get me a copy of the Happiness Project book. Add the Blogging for Dummies book and I may have the secrets to the universe.

        Keep on cooking, girl!

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