Adam Carolla-

I don’t know if I have ever posted about Adam…

Adam Carolla- Podcaster, ex-radio host personality, current guest host on many radio programs, comedian…etc

I first found Adam through my bf who happened to be a long time listener when he was on LoveLine and then on a fm radio station here in LA that got kicked off the air, replaced by free music which is apparently cheaper to run as a radio station. Adam now has his own daily podcast which is about an hour of guests, ranting and general awesomeness. My favorite guests that he has are his long time side kicks, Teresa Strasser and Bald Bryan. Teresa does the news and you can find her on, and Bald Bryan is awesome too…

For general awesomeness, ranting, comedy and fun, listen to Adam Carolla. His podcasts are free and now has live ones that are available on his site


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