Roger's Place in Cyber Space!~ Awesome…

So you know its a good day when you wake up and you find comments on your blog, that you assume no one really reads. It’s going to be an even better day when I actually click the link to the people that wrote about me and find that there’s a whole stinkin’ post devoted to my blog!! That’s an awesome day!

In searching around Roger’s Place– I found that it may be one of the most fun blog’s I’ve seen, not to mention inspirational. I now want to have links & posts to other peoples blogs all the time!. The place in Cyber Space has all sorts of fun anecdotes as well as many links to other blogs!

Topics include:


So, go check it out! Fun, inspiring, and uniquely Roger’s Place in Cyber Space.


One thought on “Roger's Place in Cyber Space!~ Awesome…

  1. Your message has made my day also. Thank you for responding and may we both be happy and have good luck with our blogs.

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