Raspberry Snapple

I’ve been meaning to write this post for days. I was trying to fall asleep one nite and all I wanted was a Raspberry Snapple. I haven’t had one in years and it hit me like a ton of bricks!

I thought about writing a song or a poem about the Raspberry Snapple, but am failing creatively. So here are some fun facts:

1) “A goldfish‘s attention span is three seconds.”- not really, but underneath each cap is the ever popular “Real Facts” stating some fact like this.

2) They were founded in 1972 in Greenwich Village, NY.

3) Their name came from a an apple soda that was carbonated that had a “great snappy apple taste” (Snapple.com)

4) Some of their discontinued brands are:

  • Whipper Snapple
  • Snapple Sodas

5) Discontinued flavors are: (from wikipedia.com)

  • Iced Tea- Orange Ice Tea, Cactus Ice Tea
  • Elements- Earth
  • Soda- Cherry Lime Mike,
  • Juice- Bali Breeze, Apple Pie (seasonal)
**note: I still haven’t had one since the craving hit…I will eventually **

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