Real Simple Book Club- New Book

So there is a vote goin on to see what book we will read next month.

You can vote here

Here are the options:

*NOTE: The following is taken from the Real website. I didn’t write the next section*

1) The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin

Rubin, a blogger, devoted a year of her life to testing both popular and scientific wisdom about how to be happier. The result is partly a memoir, partly a self-help book, and thoroughly engaging.

2) Plain Truth, by Jodi Picoult

Picoult’s absorbing 2000 novel is a murder mystery and courtroom drama that swirls around the accused: an 18-year-old Amish girl.

3) On Beauty, by Zadie Smith

Academic Howard Belsey is having a hard time of it. His marriage is faltering, his kids are fed up with him, and now his greatest rival has arrived to teach at the same New England college, as Smith tackles issues of race, sex, and status in her third novel.

4) Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiquro

The author of The Remains of the Day takes a step into the realm of science fiction with a tale of a private school in the English countryside whose students are bred for a very specific purpose.

*End Real section*

Guess which one is winning. “The Happiness Project”. Not that I am against reading something like that, but we just finished reading “My Life in France”, which seems kind of the same. Well, same genre anyway.

I personally voted for “On Beauty” and my second choice is “Plain Truth”. I think I will get “On Beauty” today. No point in stopping reading a book a month just because I don’t like the choice.

Has anyone read “The Happiness Project” or any of these? Can you recommend one?



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