“My Life In France”

Has anyone read this book?

One of my ideas for the new year (actually it hit me right after Thanksgiving) was to be a more avid reader. I used to be so good about reading books just for fun and once I went to college all the fun was sucked out. I thought a book club would be great motivation, so i ‘joined’, rather chose to read along with the realsimple.com No-Obligation Book Club
Has anyone read this book?

First book that was chosen by readers was “My Life in France”- by Julia Child. The novel chronicles her (Julia) and her husband Paul’s journey through France and many other countries in Europe. It also details her cooking, book writing, and a very fairy-tale-ish life she lead. I know it was probably no picnic, but jus the writng put it so eloquently that it seemed like a fairy tale.
Has anyone read this book?

Has anyone else read this?
Has anyone read this book?


8 thoughts on ““My Life In France”

  1. Hey, good posting…..I love reading and always enjoy hearing people’s comments about various books. I just watched Julie & Julia. I may read the book next.

    • I really liked it. I didn’t see the movie though. It has a lot of cool french words and I became kind of attached to Julia and her husband Paul. I was sad to see it end.

    • I haven’t… yet! Although it would be interesting since my whole family is from there… But I’m on the second volume of the trilogy Millenium by Stieg Larsson, and it addicting!
      Happy Reading,

      – Kloé

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