The “Lipstick Killer”

William George Heirens was born in 1928 and has been in jail since 1946.  He is a convicted serial killer who confessed to 3 murders and has been in jail since. He got the name “lipstick killer” because there were scrawled messages found at each of the crime scenes. There are many questions surrounding his actual guilt. He “confessed” to three murders but it was only after he was questioned for 6 days around the clock, he wasn’t allowed to see his parents or even speak to a lawyer. How is this constitutional? And, and, he was also given sodium pentathol (truth serum) which illicited his first confession. The hard evidence that the prosecution had was a print found on the door jamb of one of the victims as well as a fingerprint on the ransom note. He is the longest serving prisoner in the history of prisons in America. He is up for parole again this year.

~The writing on the walls

~Heirens now



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