I’m Moving to Disneyland!

I’ve decided I’m done with everyday life and the only alternative I can see is to move to Disneyland. Not just the hotel, but the park. Yes, I mean it.

So is it possible? In my world yes. Lets first consider lodging. I’d pitch a tent if they’d let me but there is another alternative most notably being the Disneyland Dream Suite.

1) It is conveniently located above Pirates, one of my favorite rides. Which means it also has a nice view of the nightly Fantasmic.

2) It has an amazing bed! (which happens to be a very important part).

3) The bathtub is a dream. I wouldn’t leave it.

*I just highlighted some of the important parts of the suite. For more pictures of the suite including the other bedroom, fireplaces….etc, visit MousePlanet

As for food, there is food everywhere! Why isn’t this a good idea?

Note: Here is the virtual tour! Very cool!


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving to Disneyland!

    • I can’t seem to find a price which probably means its not available. I know they gave it away as part of the “year of a million dreams” thing, but I’ll keep looking.

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