Florida vs. Damon Darling

The new trial from last week is Florida vs. Damon Darling who is accused of shooting 9 year old Sherdavia Jenkins. She was hit by a stay bullet during a shootout on her street. Darling says that it wasn’t him or the other man accused but it was a third unknown man who also had an AK47 who’s bullet hit the young girl. Darling says that he acted in self defense and that Larose (the other accused who plead guilty to second degree murder and received 7 years) came at him first and he just “stood his ground”. This happened in the “pork and beans” district in Miami Florida. Any insights?


2 thoughts on “Florida vs. Damon Darling

  1. i’m praying he goes to jail forever.i’ve watched since the beginging and he makes me sick.my prayers go out tto the jenkins family.

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