FL vs. Michael King

This story has been ongoing for a few weeks and I have been remiss in not mentioning it. In brief the tale goes like this. Michael King, the defendant, was accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering a young woman aged 21, Denise Lee. Lee had two young children that were left home by themselves at the time of the incident. While the events were taking place, there were numerous phone calls to 911 including one from the victim herself. The day that it was played for the jury sent chills throughout the courtroom and the country.  There were many days of testimony to which the defense didn’t rebut too much. He was convicted of first degree murder and the penalty phase began the end of last week. The defense during the penalty phase was that due to a head injury when King was a child, he was lower in IQ than normal and therefore unable to conform his actions to the law. They brought up experts who testified to this kind of and all in all what stood out to me the most was when the defense lawyer said: “He is not the worst of the worst”…the death penalty is apparently for the worst of the worst. But, if not him, who is the worst of the worst? That being said, later today the jury recommended death for King voting 12-0 for it.



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