Awesomeness Defined?

If you type awesome into google, the options are endless. It starts with the following definition from

1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2. showing or characterized by awe.
3. Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

You type in awesome quotes and you come up with “The Most Awesome Quotes of All Times” and after a few clicks, the first ‘awesome’ quote that I come across is:

“Though I am not naturally honest, I am sometimes by chance.” –William Shakespeare

I know its probably not in any particular order, but this isn’t the most awesome quote of all time…

Finally, you type in ‘how to be awesome’ and you will find lists that look roughly like this:

1.  Make fun of people
2. Say awesome things
3. Post things online
4. Get lots of girls
5. Drink a lot
6. Play with fire

Again, not so awesome. So, what is awesomeness really? I can’t seem to find a list or a quote that encapsulates awesomeness. I also can’t find a list of things to do that can make you motivated to get out of bed everyday. Pete Carroll is writing a book “Win Forever”, and how to win forever? Get up in the morning. Success #1. But how do you measure awesomeness? Getting stuff done? Not regretting what you do? Um…. You tell me.

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