In Session Update

IN Session Update:

This week they did something different, 3 shows, 3 cases. I don’t necessarily like it as much as much as I like cases, I like live cases and the opportunity to really get into one case and learn about stuff that way. I don’t think they need more content but hey, what do I know.

So, here are the cases from this week:

Ashleigh Banfield (Though she was out and Ron Kuby took over) presented MO vs. Nauman. The defendant was charged with first-degree murder for the death of former prosecutor David Masters. Masters was killed by an overdose of cocaine which others shot up for him. One of the witnesses saw Mr. Masters in the closet and was like ‘oh ok’ and left him there. The other accomplice in this murder is serving 13 years. The reason that they confronted Masters in the first place is that he was allegedly behind in rent. “Investigators say Naumann and Broyles confronted former Macon County prosecutor David Allen Masters because he allegedly was behind on rent and had made unwanted sexual advances toward Broyles. Masters allegedly said he didn’t want to be shot and pleaded for a drug overdose instead. He reportedly had fallen into drug abuse after losing his elected post and private law practice” (source:….Nauman was convicted of murder and will be sentenced July 6th.

FL.vs. Catabay was presented by Jack Ford. Catabay was charged with 2 felony counts of first degree murder of her boss Dr. Jarrett and his son and a 3rd count of burglary with a firearm. There was a confession made by her to the police but the defense argued that she was tired and would say anything to get the detectives to leave her alone. The prosecution argued that she was trying to cover up the 9000 she embezzled from Dr. Jarrett. Catabay was found not guilty on the 2 counts of first degree murder but was found guilty on count 3 of burglary with a firearm used in the commission of a burglary. Sentencing will take place on June 23.

Jami Floyd presents TN vs. Ward– Larry Ward is accused of killing his wife Gloria. She had a single gunshot to the top right side of her head but she was left handed.  She had many recent bruises and even Larry admits that they had a volatile relationship. He was not convicted of first degree murder but rather the lesser included charge of criminally negligent homicide. He only faced 2 years in prison and could get probation.


3 thoughts on “In Session Update

  1. I think it’s appalling that he essentially got away with killing his wife just because the evidence was botched by the police, and because the jury was not allowed to hear what a violent s**ofab**** he is. This is one of the primary reasons I hope I never serve on a jury because I know in the back of my mind that I will not be given everything I need to get a dangerous criminal out of society with the rest of us. And I don’t care about what the defendant’s rights are because the victim and the victim’s family had rights too; the victim won’t be around anymore to exercise any rights.

  2. Ashleigh Banfield is so silly and gleeful. This is particularly offensive as she discusses gory murders and others’ misfortunes. Never does she express empathy with victims. She prefers it all be about her and her cutsy comments. She is clearly annoying. First time I have not been able to tolerate your court cases.

    • I agree…I think she was better with Jack Ford and he kinda kept her in line. With her own show now, I have found that I don’t like her as much anymore and I kinda find her annoying. Sad, but true.

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