NJ vs. Higbee

New trial now on… NJ vs. Higbee.

A quick recap- A cop is being charged with vehicular manslaughter which could carry a many year sentence (I don’t know the exact amount it could be yet, and I dont want to be inaccurate).

He was chasing a guy for speeding but he hadn’t turned on his lights yet as he was “closing the gap” (which is apparently protocol in many places so that there aren’t more pursuits). Anyway, as he was “closing the gap” without his lights on, he either ran a stop sign or stopped and didn’t look and proceeded to hit a van with two teenage girls out buying milk. The two girls died and here we are.

So, since that nite the stop sign has been made bigger a few times, and reflective lighting was added for better viewing. The judge hasn’t allowed evidence of that to be presented to the jury (he did say though that if the door was opened by the prosecution then it would be allowed) but he then allowed a video of the sign in as part of a black box video viewing. He ruled that the other evidence was irrelevant, but this is?  I don’t know..




2 thoughts on “NJ vs. Higbee

  1. Higbee didn’t have his siren or flashing lights on. He did not call HQ to announce his pursuit. It is only his word that he was in pursuit of someone for some alleged violation. What was it? He was not sufficiently careful driving and is 100% liable for causing the deaths of two innocent young girls with their entire life ahead of them snuffed out. The parents got a million dollars apiece for their grief. Would you sell your daughter’s life for a million bucks? He was paid to protect the citizens in his area, not endanger their lives. Can you imagine telling a policeman that you didn’t see the stop sign? He’d laugh in your face.

    Higbee is guilty of vehicular murder and should be sentenced to two life times in jail.

  2. I believe that this should never have gone to trial. The fact is the officer was on duty. When traveling through any intersection weather it be a light or stop sign I always look in all directions! ALWAYS! I felt it was unfair for Throoper Higbee to be drug through this court case. He is obviously an excellent State Throoper. Accidents occur, but unless their is willfull intent, why was Throoper Higbee even put through this. I give condolences to the family, but an accident is an accident; they did get a $2 Million settlement; which doesn’t undo the loss but sometimes things are simple in Gods Hands.
    I wish Throoper Higbee the best, & hope he can put this behind him & do the fine job he has done in the past. Good luck to you Officer Higbee & God Bless.

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