Budgeting stinks. I don’t like not having money/ saving money. Side note: Gas. Gas prices reek.

 USA                                     ARCO                                  ARCO
$4.35                                   $4.37                                  $4.39

Thats the lowest I gots here. sad but true…

 How can you budget with so much spent on gas? Just gas. I have no gas right now, I’ll need some to get to church tomorrow. I dont want to eat out, because that costs money….I dont know what to do. Great. 🙂


One thought on “Budgeting

  1. Budgeting really is a way to help us live within our means and make the best decision on how and where to prioritize what cash we have. We cannot blame budgeting for having little money, that belongs to the money making department, but we can blame lack of budgeting for not spending wisely the little that we have, and it is amazing as to how much more we can have for something if we cut back on something else.

    If you want to try being smarter with your money via budgeting, there is one great little free budgeting website that is becoming popular since the recession, it’s called Out Of The Dark (OOTD).

    I hope that helps.
    Happy budgeting.

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