Tribute to all things Disney!

Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

You can dance with characters, go on rides and run around like a kid all day long! Stuff yourself so full of sugar that you can barely stand it. Disneyland! The money pit that can be some of the best days in your life.

You walk in the park and get this map and immediately you plan your moves. Where do you want to go first, what do you ant to get a fast pass for? What rides do you want to go on twice? Generally I go on Space Mountain twice and the Matterhorn once and Thunder Mountain (in Frontierland) multiple times. 🙂

A must stop and walkthrough is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. You can walk through it and see the story come to life.

Outside the castle you can get
these hat things.

also these:

Not so flowery but the same general idea with the ribbon hanging off.

The Matterhorn apparently on its 45th Birthday. Mickey had a heck of a climb there!

PIRATES! Before they redid it!


….more to come


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