A Monday Poem

I searched on google and this is what I found. So, the credit goes to Rich Melheim for this great poem.


I do not “work”
Instead, I “fun”
I try to goof
And get things done

At the same time
Love what I do
Do what I love
And then can you

Honestly say
You do not work
You simply fun
And do not shirk
Until it’s done

The object then
Midst all this strife
Is not to work
A day in life

For if you love
That which you do
It is not work

I am through

Rich Melheimhttp://faithink.blogs.com/rich/2004/03/a_monday_poem.html
So good. So timely.

I would have been creative and came up with my own, but hey, he said it well, except I don’t love my job 🙂


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