Happy Monday!!

So if I feel like this all day, whats left for the morning? The blah feeling of being stuck in a nowhere job is hard to wake up to daily. Not only is this a Monday thing but it is most times.

Now, this guy has it right. Its like well you ruined my weekend already. The thought that I have to come back again on Monday is enough to make the weekend go too fast.

But, the high point of today is that no one is in the office. The bosses are out today and tomorrow which gives license to work at your own pace and will. Its hard when there is someone constantly asking what you’ve done or will do or even what everyone else is doing. Its hard to work. I am one that has to work of my own volition rather than because someone says so. I’ll do it it just has to be of my own accord. So, this was a good and somewhat productive day. It could have been worse, I could have done absolutely nothing. I did somethings :).

In other news, I want this puppy:

Now, I don’t really want to share anything with a puppy or anything but he is sooo cute. PUPPY!

Be sure to check out the art I did. I call it art because it lacks another name, though it may not qualify as ‘art’ either. Also, my furniture comes in a couple hours. YAY. I’ll post pics when I can. 🙂


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