Things to do on a Friday

Happy Friday!

So because it happens to be Friday, the typical question at work for co-workers is “so do you have any great plans for the weekend?” What? Plans? umm. no. I mean sometimes you will find someone going out of town or maybe Disneyland even. But generally not much is going on. And its the same for me this weekend. The list comprises of sleep, sleep, volleyball tournament, church, and then sleep some more.

Subject change. My closet. Its an ongoing project in that thing. It goes on forever. I think and stress about it over and over and by the time I get home and have a chance to actually do anything with it, I just don’t. It’s frustrating. I want to clean it so bad. Maybe I can get pop to help me. hmmm.

So I read the book Messenger by Lois Lowry. It was a day read. So good. It was the continuation of the trilogy that started with the Giver, the Gathering Blue and this book concluded it. I think. Anyway, so good. The city that Jonas started was going downhill because people were trading who they were for things that they wanted, and they really needed healing. Which, the boy, Matty ended up giving them and doing away with himself. Now, interesting, I just thought that it was a lot like Christ. These things were set up meaning for the good but human desires and the flesh got in the way. God sent us a healer (Christ) as Matty was the healer for Village. Hum. What a thought. I will have to research this…

The second thing I read yesterday was by Franz Kafka, a short story named the Penal Colony. Good grief. It was all about this machine that was built to torture and eventually kill the prisoner for some crime that he wasn’t even aware of. This machine was very complex and it had multiple glass needles that would write the crime on the prisoners back and then it would flip the guy over and do it on the front, again and again for 12 hours. The officer said that it was like 6 hours till the guy eventually passed out. How horrible. What a mess things can become without God. Who’d of thought. I will continue to read this guys other stories. Very very interesting writer.


2 thoughts on “Things to do on a Friday

  1. thats usually how my weekends go… catch up on sleep, play some indoor soccer or b-ball, maybe catch a movie, and thats about it. usually nothing too exciting.

  2. You, um, yourself, seem to be an enlightened writer. you kept my interest and made me chuckle..congratulations..that doesnt happen often.. anyway, You got my attention..and although i wouldnt mind getting to know you and learn what you like to read..i dont find any convenient way of communication here. im new to the forum..i like it…especially finding people such as seem like you just have fun. awesome. today has beena bad day for me…you brought a smile to my face. thanks.


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