Jesus Camp, a rant

Ok, so this film is on tv right now. It is slightly uipset ting. It is about a bunch of kids who are at a camp lead by this lady. My mom calls it brain washing and she was like dont you think so? I was like well, I hope that these kids are saying things out of a sincere and devoted heart but also it could be brain washing at that point. Furthermore, I am not much of a tongues person. Really, I’m not. Who’d of thought. All these people were speaking in tongues without an interpreter. If I was for it, then at least let it be Biblical. And then, and then, there it was on tv. So not an edifying thing. What the heck were these people thinking. Good grief. Its upsetting. And it makes me think. Seeing all these kids totally sold out for God, or whomever god is made out to them to be, (I sincerely pray that they do truly know him), makes me think about the world and ask God why? Whats the deal with all these tongues, and sects, and so on?? Whats the point there? I mean, if I’m truly saved do I need to be speaking in tongues? Kevin said that he should work on it. Is it really something to be worked on? I mean I have definitely felt the Spirit but haven’t been lead in anyway to speak in tongues. What is the deal. It has me a bit stressed. Not that I haven’t spoken in tongues, but the state of the church. What is goin on? Really there is just so much crap going on in the world that it makes me not even want to start. I just want to sit and ignore everything, which isn’t an appropriate response either. Its hard being stuck in this place in between really living for God and waiting for him to move you and see where he wants you and the world. There is a country song out that says “I guess I was ‘a way too wild To be the child of a preacher man One foot on solid rock and the other on the sinkin’ sand Just like the prodigal son I guess I got way too lost Livin’ somewhere in between the devil and the cross” (Halfway to Hazard- Devil and the Cross). I think that this song exemplifies in a way what we are all doing. Just stuck in the middle of somewhere.

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